We, KSK Planning Corporation are established in Feb. 1983.
We initially started as travel advisory company based on past experiences of travel agency staff.
And in order to respond to our clients demands, we changed our main activities to “Comprehensive events planning company” handling various kind of events both domestic and international convention .
The abbreviation of KSK symbolize our spirits and motto of “kind” “Studious” “Knowledgeable”,
And we will continue to keep and progress our spirits and motto and will do our best efforts to respond to our clients’ needs.
Sho Suzuki
KSK Planning Inc.

Kind :To be always gentle and kind to others.
Studious :To be always studious and continue our efforts.
Knowledgeable: Never forget to learn and have plenty of knowledge.



-----To produce comprehensive marketing strategies from various points of view and to establish new communication system
-----To materialize successful marketing plans to make your company and your products through our market research and analysis

Sales Promotion

-----To coordinate comprehensive sales promotion plan from planning of annual advertising to its to execution including planning of “Media strategies”
-----For the production of SP tools, we will continue to challenge to create “ original design ” and “original expression” of your company image.

Events& Space Design

-----With the increasing importance of roles of events in sales activities, be demand to coordinate wide and various ranges activities for “ sports events ” and “ various international conventions ” .
-----To create “ show room “ and “ other commercial exhibition space ” etc with original and distinguished design for better image of your company and products.

Recent implementation work
●Incentive tours & parties for overseas companies (Sweden)
Operation arrangement set
Last year's top sales employees were gathered from all over the world, and the last year's award ceremony and new product announcements were held. Total participation 1950 people. The length of the stage is 40m. A liquid crystal vision was set up on the stage back, and simultaneous interpreting awards in other languages and seminars were held.
A conversation with the president and the PEPPER robot was also held as a management attraction, attracting attention.
Eating and drinking set up a round table in the hall the next day, and conduct it from the evening. Catering is available at the Prince Hotel at the venue.

●Special seminar for real estate agents & parties
A construction company invites a real estate agent who is a cooperating company, and conducts a seminar and a business introduction agent award ceremony. Total participation number 122 people.
Food and drink are catered by a designated contractor. We set screen on the right and left of stage.
Conduct a seminar by the president using videos created in advance.

●Coordination of popular events
Minato Ward World Carnival, with over 20 embassies in Minato Ward, is a popular event held every year since 2013.
We are responsible for everything from planning to operation every year.